Danny Handshoe

Senior Vice President, Services

Danny Handshoe's profile picture

Danny Handshoe is responsible for all on-site catering and staff operations for Target Hospitality's properties. From personally selecting every chef and menu to managing the staff and streamlining the process, his mission is to create a healthy and satisfying experience for guests. Whether it’s hiring a certified nutritionist at our El Higuero camp in Mexico or designing custom smokers for “Smokin’ Saturdays” in North Dakota, Danny is always doing whatever it takes to ensure the comfort of our guests.

Danny has more than 30 years of remote site service experience, including managing multiple camps for 10,000 people for “Operation Restore Democracy” in Haiti. Previous to joining Target Hospitality, he spent 15 years at Universal Services and several years at Universal Sodexho.

Danny is an associate member of the International Association of Drilling Contractors and is certified by the Royal Society of Health, UK. He is HACCP Compliant, holds his ServSafe Manager Certificate and is bilingual. Danny attended Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi, and operates out of our Houston office.