Target Lodging employee serving food

About Us

We Provide Workforce Solutions That Impact Your Bottom Line

We understand that the right workforce accommodations solution takes more than four walls and three squares. It takes responsibility and accountability. What’s more, it requires an enormous commitment to the guests in the rooms, and the customer who put them there.

You and your workforce are our focus. We handle everything and outsource nothing. Whether you’re talking about delicious, outstanding, hand-crafted food, comfortable rooms designed for rest, or a host of amenities that ensure connection and community, we take sole responsibility for meeting your workforce housing needs in any place, any climate and for any number of people.

And that's exactly what you’ll get from Target Hospitality, a leading global provider of turnkey accommodations and hospitality solutions. The largest in the United States, in fact. And as part of the Algeco Scotsman Corporation with operations in 37 countries, we can serve your global needs for lodging, culinary or hospitality solutions as well.

Target Hospitality is a government contractor

Target Hospitality has been awarded the GSA Professional Services Schedule (PSS) contract enabling us to provide logistics solutions to government agencies. Having the PSS in place means Target Hospitality has been vetted as a responsible supplier, pricing has been determined to be fair and reasonable, and we are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.