Outside view of lodge

Workforce Housing Construction

Temporary Housing Built to Your Specifications

"From the ground up." For some companies, that's an expression. For Target Hospitality and our modular housing experts, it's a way of life. We are also strongly committed to hiring local suppliers and services, their knowledge helps create a collaborative environment supported by both the community and project stakeholders. From site design and pulling permits to excavation and laying pipes, we do it all. In any place. And in any conditions.

Our temporary workforce housing construction services include:

  • Modular building design
  • Code review and permit approval
  • Site design and development (inclusive of all utilities)
  • Modular water treatment plants
  • Modular sewage treatment plants
  • Generators (full backup, standby, etc.)
  • Remote satellite and cable TV installation and service
  • Vetting of local suppliers to meet International Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) standards

Complete Control and Speed to Market  

Before you can get ore, gas or oil out of the ground, you need men and women in the field. And every day you don’t, can cost you. We have the experience, partnerships, and attitude to deliver a high-quality, turnkey housing and hospitality solution quickly. Our tools for getting your workforce housing project completed quickly include:

  • Legal Expertise – Land acquisition, land planning, entitlements and permitting
  • Local Relationships – Leveraging well-established, localized relationships allows us to efficiently and effectively navigate jurisdictional dynamics 
  • Loyal Partnerships – Well-established supply chain with companies that make us their priority
  • Determination – We don't take no for an answer