Watford City Lodge

Watford City Lodge, ND

Client: Schlumberger
Timeline: 4 Months
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When a client of ours needed lodging for their workers in the vicinity of Watford City, North Dakota, they had a problem: there were no beds available and the city had put a moratorium on new construction. Fortunately, we had a solution. We discovered a stalled housing project and worked out a deal to take over the property and convert it to the Target Hospitality Watford City Lodge. After a renovation that included a complete overhaul to bring all internal systems up to code, the three peaked-roofed building has now become one of our finest lodges featuring an insulated Central Corridor leading to all social spaces including the dining room, internet café, games room, and fitness center and free laundry facility.

Key Challenges

Gutting and rebuilding the facility to meet all North Dakota codes for plumbing, electric and fire safety.

The Extra Mile

Instead of just finishing what was started, we turned it into a first-class facility with all our signature comforts and amenities.