Pecos Lodge

Pecos Lodge, TX

Client: Halliburton
Timeline: 95 Days
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Unlike many of our lodges that have been tailored to suit harsh, arctic winters, the climate and culture in Pecos, Texas called for an entirely different set of buildings, features and amenities. That’s why we utilized peaked roof, triplex units each with its own private deck, ceiling fan and individual climate control. It’s also why we built an expansive outdoor park featuring a 50’ x 25’ in-ground pool, basketball court, horseshoe pit and multiple BBQ patios. 75 miles west of Odessa, the Pecos Lodge sits close to nearby rig sites while still offering ample space for amenities and future expansion.

Key Challenges

Remote, arid region. High temperatures year-round.

The Extra Mile

Unlike cookie-cutter lodging solutions, we surveyed our client and recommended the swimming pool and outdoor recreation area to best meet the needs of their workers.