Dunn County Lodge

Dunn County Lodge, ND

Client: Occidental Petroleum
Timeline: 87 Days
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Innovative workforce housing is what Target Hospitality is known for. But in the case of the Dunn County Lodge, it was our innovation in land purchasing and permitting that was really on display. Faced with an urgent need for beds and a difficult permitting process, we revisited our options and, in just 30 days, we researched, purchased and secured land and permits for a new oil-field housing location convenient to our clients' operations. 87 days later, we opened the Dunn County Lodge featuring spacious mudrooms, free self-service laundry, and a convenience store, as well as meeting rooms and an oversized hotel-style reception area to handle many check-ins at once.

Key Challenges

Building, opening and staffing a 600+ bed camp in the teeth of a North Dakota winter.

The Extra Mile

Permitting in the Bakken can be as tough as the weather. But within 30 days of signing a contract, we found the land, submitted our papers and were granted our permits.