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Our Difference

Rest Assured, Our Approach Makes a Difference

Target Hospitality has changed the way many industries think about workforce housing. Once just a cost of doing business, workforce housing can be an operational strategy with a healthy ROI. Investing in the comfort and safety of your workers pays big dividends.

The Target 12: setting your team up for success.

There are several fundamental, yet invaluable things we provide to your workforce that in turn enhances their performance. It's a simple formula we refer to as The Target 12, see below. Keeping your workers safe, comfortable and well fed is what keeps them from missing a shift, getting injured on the job, jumping to a competitor or just packing their bags and heading home.

The quality of our guest experience actually provides a recruiting advantage for any company competing for the best talent in challenging labor markets, remote locations and harsh working environments. You can learn more about the impact quality workforce housing has on workers in the white papers we provide here.

Target 12

Our best efforts fuel your best workforce.

Rest Assured, at Target Hospitality everyone has a hand in providing what your workforce needs to perform well. We’re attending to the many little details that offer a big boost to productivity.


The appetite your team works up is satisfied with delicious meals prepared from scratch using fresh ingredients. Quality steaks, hand-cut French fries, handmade pizzas and more are here for your workforce, day in and day out. With healthy food options – always fresh, even upon request – your people will be properly fueled and fit to perform every day.


Your workers sleep in quiet, private rooms, on comfortable mattresses with 250-thread-count linens. We coordinate occupancy by sleep cycles, putting night shift workers in the same wings. Since everything is taken care of, your workers can relax, knowing they don’t have to worry about fending for themselves. That peace of mind can make all the difference.


Unlike a hotel or motel, which often leaves one feeling cut off from activity and coworkers, Target Hospitality promotes community. Our lodges are designed with commons areas for dining, socializing and sport. The opportunity to engage with others and meet new people is beneficial to one’s attitude and general disposition, since your people can feel a part of something.


We are your partners in fatigue management and the extension of your 24/7 safety culture. Lodges are positioned close to your job site, shortening the commute for tired workers. Hearty, diverse menu options, superior sleep conditions, exercise equipment and recreational space contribute to a physically and mentally fit worker, reducing the likelihood of injury.


Hard work in remote locations, away from family and loved ones for extended periods of time can lead to a sense of isolation. At Target Hospitality, we maintain reliable Wi-Fi, so your workers can stay connected to home and family, a huge morale booster. They’ll also be in touch with what’s going on in the world thanks to reliable Wi-Fi access.


Our customers have high expectations. With focused care and attention to detail, we deliver hospitality in a professional environment. Meals and housekeeping services are available to all employees regardless of their schedule or work shifts. We ensure ample space to park, enforce a code-of-conduct and maintain an alcohol-free site for the safety and health of all who stay with us.