July 9, 2015




Workforce housing provider offers recommendations for
“The Great Crew Change”


– Target Logistics, a global provider of workforce housing and one of the largest operators of turnkey solutions in North America, today released a white paper titled “The Great Crew Change: Managing Generational Differences in Oil, Gas, Mining and Construction Workforces,” by Elaine Cullen, MBA, PhD. It can be downloaded for free at http://www.targetlogistics.net/white_papers.php.

“Oil and gas extraction, mining, construction and other businesses are all facing a dramatic change in the makeup of the workforce as the aging Traditionals and the huge Baby Boomer generations retire, making way for Generations X and Y,” says Dr. Cullen. “As this occurs, the workforce cultures are evolving – bringing much that’s positive, but also numerous challenges. Much has to be done if we’re going to be successful in keeping workers safe and healthy throughout their careers.”

Dr. Cullen spent her career as a researcher for the federal government, first with the U.S. Bureau of Mines and then with NIOSH. She specialized in looking at occupational cultures, particularly in high-risk industries, such as mining, oil and gas extraction, and commercial fishing. Dr. Cullen left federal service in 2008 and started her own company, Prima Consulting Services. She holds a BA in English Literature, an MBA in management and a PhD in Leadership Studies, all from Gonzaga University. She can be reached at elainec@primaconsultingservices.com and at (509) 238-6963.

“Younger workers, in particular, don’t expect to continually sacrifice leisure time for their jobs. Having a balance between work and life is a strong value for them and can be a ’deal breaker’ if that value is routinely ignored,” says Target Logistics President and Chief Operating Officer Brad Archer. “Companies willing to provide safe, comfortable lodging, as well as opportunities for socializing and leisure time will have a competitive advantage in the future.”

The perfect balance of superior nutrition, home-style comfort, recreation, entertainment, fitness amenities and lodge security make up what Target Logistics coined “The Economics of Comfort®.” This approach has proven to add profits to customers’ bottom lines through increased productivity, reduced turnover, enhanced morale and improved safety. 

Target Logistics operates 19 properties in the United States and Canada with more than 8,200 total beds.



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Target Logistics, an Algeco Scotsman company, is a global provider of workforce housing and one of the largest operators of turnkey solutions in North America. It operates in some of the world’s most remote environments supporting oil, gas, mining and construction operations, government agencies, disaster relief and large-scale events with temporary workforce lodging, mobile crew camps and extended-stay hotels. Target Logistics was named by Inc. magazine in 2012 and 2013 as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.” Visit www.targetlogistics.net or call (800) 832-4242.


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