Target Lodging outdoor BBQ pit

Recreation & Leisure

Have a Little Fun While You're Here

After a long shift on the scorching desert or a day off from the frozen tundra, it’s nice to have something to take your mind off the job. At Target Hospitality, that comes in a number of forms. Depending on lodge location and typical climate, we provide a variety of sporting and fitness facilities to satisfy the athletically inclined. Theatre and entertainment rooms serve the gamers. And each community offers its own outlets for fun. Whether it’s horseshoe pits or a pool or basketball court, we find out what recreation and leisure time means for your team, and we deliver it.

Depending on which community you're in, activities and amenities could include:

  • TV sports/entertainment lounge
  • Game rooms
  • Internet cafés
  • Saunas
  • Basketball courts
  • Playing fields
  • Swimming pool

Foosball game

Men enjoying the Target Hospitality entertainment lounge