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Target Lodging: Changing Our Name, Keeping Our Commitment

by Troy Schrenk

When Target Logistics was formed in 1978, we were an aggregator of services, from transportation to catering to hospitality to security. However, our business has evolved over the years both in terms of service and scale.

“We decided to change our name to Target Lodging because it more clearly reflects our core business model and more accurately communicates our position in the market,” said Target Logistics President and CEO Brad Archer. “We will continue to keep your worker’s safety and productivity at the forefront of everything we do and will continue to serve as an effective recruiting and retention tool for our customers at a competitive time.”

While the name of the company may be changing, our goals, mission and values will stay the same. In fact, the change to Target Lodging reaffirms our commitment to providing our guests with a safe, comfortable and secure place to stay, which in turn, enhances productivity, morale, recruitment and retention for our customers.

Since the beginning of 2018, we have also reaffirmed this commitment by announcing a new lodge being constructed in Mentone, Texas, and capacity increases at four of our Permian Basin lodges, which upon completion will amount to 3,276 new beds across our expansive lodge network.


Looking to the future, changing our name to Target Lodging also gives us the flexibility to branch out into additional segments. Our leading position with Target Lodging provides us with opportunities to develop new strategic business lines, such as Target Government Services, Target Culinary and more.

In summary, changing our name from Target Logistics to Target Lodging reflects the evolution of our company, reinforces our commitment to our core business and points towards future opportunities.