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Our Service-First Philosophy

by Troy Schrenk

At Target Hospitality, we know that the optimal housing experience for your workforce is about more than just beds and meals—it’s about service. Though we’re proud to offer best-in-class beds and dining, we’re especially proud to say that customer service is the driving factor in all that we do. Our service-first approach makes all the difference for our guests.


We focus on the details


From the moment we welcome guests into housing, our service professionals are proactive about finding ways to surprise and delight. Our goal is to make our housing solutions feel like home, and it’s the little details that get us there. When a guest walks through the door after a long day onsite, a friendly greeting makes all the difference. We completely understand how it can be confusing to learn the layout of a new place, and we know that guests appreciate our employees for giving clear directions or even accompanying guests along new routes. Also, our employees are always on the lookout for deficiencies that may affect a guest, and they are empowered to make corrections until guests are completely satisfied. Paying attention to details like these is what sets us apart.


service first philosophy


We give guests complete, personal attention


We ensure that our housing solutions are fully staffed so guests never need to wait long periods of time for service or support. Our service professionals go out of their way to understand and anticipate guest needs, including learning about their working conditions and personal preferences. Our employees treat guests with complete dignity and respect, and they always speak with a smile, and make every effort to address our guests by name.


Cleanliness is next to…


After a long day on the job, the last thing you want is to come home to a messy house. Why would workforce housing be any different? It goes without saying that your housing solution should be clean and in order. In a Target Hospitality housing solution, “clean” is not enough—our lodges are immaculate. All of our service professionals are responsible for keeping the lodge clean, organized, and maintained. It’s another example of how our commitment to our service principles makes all the difference in the eyes of our guests.


Our service professionals take pride in providing the most comfortable experience possible for our guests. We understand that our lodges have a direct impact on our guests’ safety and job performance. Our dedication to a service-first philosophy is another reason why Target Hospitality is the leader in the field of workforce housing solutions.