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New Wolf Camp Showcases the Economics of Comfort™

by Troy Schrenk

Mentone, Texas is located within the lowest populated county in the United States—82 residents according to the 2010 U.S. Census. It also happens to be located in the Delaware Basin, one of the most prolific, long-producing oil basins in North America. Target Hospitality is proud to offer more than 200 employees and contractors brand new, next generation accommodations at Wolf Camp, exclusive to Anadarko.




Anadarko has been active in West Texas for more than 30 years and focuses on emerging oil opportunities in the Delaware Basin. Wolf Camp supports Anadarko’s mission to develop oil and natural gas resources vital to the world’s energy supply.

Wolf Camp represents the next step in the evolution of Target Hospitality’ workforce accommodations, with high quality finishes and comforts that set it apart from any other facility of its kind. Its centerpiece is a unique dining room design that features a fireplace and a separation wall between the dining area and food service line, offering a relaxing dining atmosphere.




Its amenities for guests include:


  • 220 expanded private bedrooms, each with a full size bed, recliner and a full-size private bathroom.
  • A 24-hour dining room, serving three meals daily in a masterfully designed dining environment
  • A separate Recreation building
  • Housekeeping services
  • Self-service laundry
  • On-site Commissary
  • 24-hour security and controlled-access entry

Target Hospitality has long experience developing excellent workforce accommodations in remote, often harsh environments. Our approach, the Economics of Comfort™, is on prominent display at Wolf Camp and goes beyond the basics of food and shelter. It includes features that provide a superior quality of life, including:


  • Nutrition: Dining choices that provide the nutrition and calories needed for strenuous work, on a 24-hour schedule that benefits a workforce with shifts around the clock.
  • Sleep: Our Hibernator Sleep System™, quality mattresses and bedding that help workers revive with a real night’s sleep.
  • Fitness and health: Fitness facilities that promote better sleep, improved health and reduced fatigue on the job.
  • Recreation: Positive recreation options that boost morale.
  • Security: 24-hour security that includes zero tolerance for drugs, alcohol, firearms and cohabitation.
  • Attention to detail: Sizeable towels, good laundry facilities and other touches that create a comfortable atmosphere.
  • Internet access: Computer facilities that help workers stay in touch with family.
  • Reduced drive time: A convenient location that cuts back on truck traffic and long commuting times for workers—long drive times impact sleep and health.

In short, the “Economics of Comfort” means that an investment in excellent accommodations is an investment in an optimized workforce. The combination of security, nutrition, relaxation and a positive workforce environment mean increased productivity and safety, as well as reduced project risk, in this remote environment.

Thanks to Wolf Camp, Anadarko employees and contractors enjoy a perfect balance of superior nutrition, comfort, recreation, entertainment, fitness amenities and camp security—all in the middle of remote Mentone, TX. At Target Hospitality, we are proud to ensure the safety, well-being and productivity of the people Anadarko relies upon the most.