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Celebrating the Holiday Season

by Target Hospitality

At Target Hospitality, we are excited about the upcoming holidays, and many of our lodges have hosted or participated in events around this festive season. One of our most rewarding events was at Wolf Camp Lodge near Mentone, Texas in Loving County. The staff had the distinct privilege of helping to donate children’s gifts for a very special event, the annual Christmas party put on by the citizens of Loving County. Every year, the Christmas party features Santa Claus, who arrives to deliver presents to the eagerly awaiting children. Additionally, the Wolf Camp Lodge team was honored to provide catering services for the event, taking time to add to the holiday spirit with delicious food that our regular lodge guests are able to enjoy every day. The turnout for the event exceeded expectations with community members of all ages coming out to take part and celebrate the season of giving and togetherness. As part of the community, the team at Wolf Camp Lodge was delighted to share the holiday season with the residents of Loving County. From all of us at Target Hospitality, we wish you happy holidays and a happy new year!