Indigenous Relations

Building the Relationships That Get Workforce Housing Built

As a leading provider of remote workforce accommodations, it is common for our facilities to be built close to Indigenous communities. Which is why we have always been committed to building and maintaining positive relationships with Indigenous groups–relationships that are based upon trust, mutual respect and understanding. Target Hospitality recognizes and respects the diversity of Indigenous cultures, aboriginal and treaty rights, and we believe having positive relationships with Indigenous communities in the areas that we conduct business is mutually beneficial.

As we strive to grow our business and provide the finest workforce housing solutions for our clients in Canada, we will also engage First Nations, Inuit and Metis groups in meaningful consultation regarding new site developments. And we have firm programs and policies in place to recruit, train and retain Indigenous employees. In addition, we have spearheaded a program to support and develop the Indigenous Supplier community through joint efforts with Indigenous businesses, agencies, and other applicable organizations. Through these symbiotic relationships and partnerships we will continue to grow our business as well as the opportunities and possibilities for the Indigenous people of Canada.