Panoramic view of storage containers

Corporate Social Responsibility

Putting People First

Our business is all about taking care of people, making sure they have what they need – rest, nourishment, wellness, etc. – so they can perform at their best on the job. We are a people business. But we take that a step further. Target Hospitality has a keen sense of corporate citizenship toward the communities and environments, both social and ecological, in which we operate. We demonstrate this by:

  • Ongoing contributions to social and educational programs
  • Adherence to strict waste and pollution reduction
  • Compliance with the spirit of the law, ethical standards and global norms

Furthermore, we strive to make an impact in four categories relevant to our business: safety, wellness, comfort and education. We do this by funding organizations and causes that provide these needs in the towns in which we operate.

Finally, our facilities are often built close to indigenous communities, which is why Target Hospitality is committed to building and maintaining positive relationships built on trust and mutual understanding. We also have programs and policies in place to recruit, train and retain indigenous employees.